The Future of Digital Personal Health Management

Online Workshop Recording

The Coronavirus pandemic has involved the general public in digital preventative healthcare in unprecedented ways This involvement of everyone in taking precautions to not only protect their own health but also that of others is leading to profound changes in the provision of healthcare.

The future of healthcare for all ages of the population will involve citizens in taking more responsibility for their own health and using digital technologies to better understand and respond to the factors which promote healthy living

This workshop looked in detail at the digital technologies which are likely to shape personal health management both for “healthy” individuals and those with chronic conditions.

It showed examples of the devices and technologies used as well as the strategies and techniques used to remotely support users.

The workshop featured presentations from experts in the areas of wearable devices and continuous care solutions.


David Wortley – VP International Society of Digital Medicine

Chris Barker – CEO & Founder of Spirit Healthcare

Leon Eisen – CEO & Founder of Oxitone

Joao Bocas – The Wearables Expert

Professor Ron O’Donnell – Clinical Psychologist and Behavioural Change Expert

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