Digital Medicine Solutions for COVID-19

Panel Sessions

Panel Session One - Digital Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring and Management

Panel Session Two - Preventative Healthcare and Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Panel Sessions Three - Social Isolation and Mental Health

Panelist Video Interviews

Chris Barker - CEO of Spirit Healthcare Group

Leon Eisen - CEO of Oxitone

Steve Gardner - CEO of Precision Life

Liz Ashall-Payne - CEO of Orcha

Xavier Abadie - International Development Manager of Simforhealth

Takis Kotis - CEO and Founder of Cambridge Medical Academy

Mary Akangbe - President of Zenith Global Health

Michael Morgan Curran - Clinical and Commercial Manager of MyCognition

Simon Hooper - CEO and Founder of RemindMeCare

Professor Jerry Sun - Oncologist and ISDM Member

ISDM Webinars and Virtual Conferences